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General Questions

Question: What is your pricing?
Answer: Pricing varies for each photographer and service we represent.  Please fill out the contact form here for more information.  We’ll need to know your wedding date/locations to see if we have photographers and cinematographers available.  We may also ask you some additional questions so that we can point you in the right direction.  ZMEDIA represents some of the finest image makers available and our job is to help you find the right fit.

Question: Are you available for my wedding date?
Answer: For information on availability, please fill out the contact form here.

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: ZMEDIA is located in Huron, Ohio near Cedar Point.  We are professional agents for photographers/cinematographers who serve couples all over Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati.  We also provide services for destination weddings.  Indian wedding photography/cinematography is a specialty. Consultations are done at a location that is convenient for you and for your photographer. If you are interested in our cinematic video services, we can set up a phone meeting or answer any questions you may have via email.  Out of town clients can set up phone/internet/Skype meetings.

Photography Questions

Question: Do I meet and work with my actual photographer?
Answer: Absolutely.  You will have the opportunity to view your photographer’s work and meet personally with them if you are in northern Ohio.  If not, we have full online meeting capabilities that make it easy for you to get to know one another.  We consider this one of the most important aspects of booking your photographer.  To see images from available the photographers we think would be a good fit for you, please contact us and you will be provided links to their individual sites or galleries.  Look for images that speak to you and choose to meet your photographer accordingly.

Question: Can I meet with multiple photographers?
Answer:  We encourage our couples to meet with only one photographer represented by ZMEDIA.  Choose a gallery of images that speaks to you.  Ask us any questions you may have.  We’ll do our best to recommend what we feel will be a good fit for you.  All of our photographers are qualified professionals.

Question: How many photographers do your packages include?
Answer: Typically, packages include 2 photographers.  We are a firm believer in having 2 photographers at each event for better coverage.

Question: Do I receive digital copies of my wedding images?
Answer: Yes – with all of our packages.  These are full resolution images without copyright restrictions.  You can do anything with them that you want except resell them for commercial purposes.

Question: Do you release original, unedited RAW images.
Answer: No – we only release the edited files we select from the day.  We’re very particular about giving you the best image experience from your day.

Question: Are all of the images I receive edited?
Answer: Yes.  All files are color corrected and edited for exposure, contrast.  We do not, however, change your basic appearance by altering body shapes, types – etc.  Our goal is to accurately represent you.

Question: Do I receive a coffee table book with my package?
Answer: Most packages feature coffee table books.  Please refer to the individual photographer’s information you’ll receive from us for further details.

Question: How long does it take for delivery of my images?
Answer: This depends on the season and the photographer you select.  Typically engagement images take approximately 6 weeks and wedding images take approximately 10 weeks.  Each individual photographer has their own specific delivery times and policies so its best to verify this with them.

Question: How long does it take to receive my coffee table book?
Answer: Since you select the images for the book, this is highly dependent on you.  After we receive your image selections, cover choice and orientation of the book (vertical or horizontal), we can start your design.  Designs take approximately 2 weeks.  You are allowed to make 5 simple changes without any additional fees (moving an image or replacing an image are considered simple changes).  Once you approve your layout, we place the order with Italy.  Delivery from the time we order takes approximately 8 – 10 weeks.   Keep in mind that there is a cutoff for Christmas delivery due to the rush of orders we receive.  We stop taking orders for Christmas delivery October 1st.  All orders received after October 1st will be processed for delivery after the first of the year.

Question: Will it cost me more to work with ZMEDIA?
Answer: Absolutely not.  Our photographers charge the same rates regardless.

Question: When can I do my engagement session?
Answer: We photograph engagement sessions May – October during the week depending on availability.  We aren’t able to schedule engagement sessions on weekends.

Videography Questions

For videography examples and further information, visit our videography page.

Question: Should I book videography for my wedding?
Answer: Absolutely.  There are certain aspects of a wedding that are best covered with video including your vows, exchanging of your rings, your toasts and first dances.  Many of the couples who do not book a videographer tell us later that they wish they had.  We encourage all of our couples to consider videography.

Question: Do I meet my videographer?
Answer: Typically the videographer does not meet with the couple.  You will, however, discuss your wedding with your videographer closer to your wedding date (usually a week to two weeks before the wedding).  You will also fill out a questionnaire providing us with extensive details about your wedding day.

Question: What’s the difference between cinematic and documentary coverage?
Answer: Cinematic coverage is our focus.  Its shot more like a movie and set to music.  The shooting style is different from our documentary coverage.  Documentary coverage is shot on a static (fixed) and unmanned camera with just on-camera audio.  The concentration of our videographers is on the cinematic portion of your package.   Book your package based on the cinematic content and think of the documentary content as an extra that shows portions of your day in their entirety.  Since the cameras are generally unmanned, the footage may have people standing up in front of them, walking around – etc.  Most couples watch and share their cinematic content again and again with friends and family.

Question: How long does it take to get my video?
Answer:   We ask our independent videographer/editor to deliver videos in approximately 90 – 120 days once they have everything they need from you, but if you have any special request the editor isn’t able to enter your video into the edit que until everything is in place.  Please note that your edit can’t be scheduled into production (90-120 days) until they have everything they need.  Is it possible that delivery may take longer?  We hope not, but it is possible.  It depends on the time of the year and how many videos are scheduled into production at the same time.  We never like to see videos take longer than 120 days after the editor has all the materials, but it can happen.  If it does, we ask for your patience as the editors work through their edits as quickly as possible while maintaining their quality standards.

Photobooth Questions

For further photobooth information, visit our photobooth page.

Question: Should I book a photobooth for my wedding?
Answer: Many of our couples do.  Its a blast and a great way to spice up any reception.  Its also great for people who don’t want to dance.