7 ways to improve your wedding

Set your wedding budget –

A wedding can be an elaborate and costly event.  As with any other large expenditure, you need to set a budget and plan accordingly.  Even the wealthiest families we’ve worked with have a budget.  Expenses can spiral out of control quickly if you don’t know what your overall budget is going to be and what percentage you can spend on each section of your wedding.  One trend that we have seen recently is cutting the number of invited guests while going all out on quality.  Its amazing what you can do when you only invite 150 people instead of 250.

There are fantastic tools available online to help you with your wedding budget including the Knot and many other resources.  Better yet, hire a wedding planner to help you put together these details.  There is always a give and take between your category spending, and a planner can help you make those decisions.

Book a planner  –

We realize budgets are tight.  Hiring a wedding planner may seem like a luxury, but a planner can help you maximize the bang for your wedding buck.  They can also help you provide a truly memorable event.  Keep in mind that planners do this day in and day out.  They know the vendors.  They know the locations.   They know the current trends and how to weave together all of these aspects to help you create a wedding that is uniquely you.  On your wedding day, they help remove stress by taking on the role of a coordinator.  They help keep you on time and help to shield you from the things that inevitably go wrong.  We rarely see a wedding day where everything goes perfectly.  Best to have a planner handling these issues instead of stressing yourself or other family members.  Let them sweat the details.

Hire wedding professionals –

As the economy has changed, there has been a huge influx of new vendors into the wedding market.  People have lost jobs and decided that now is a great time to start their own business.  As you search for wedding vendors, look for experience and a solid portfolio of work.  Remember that you get what you pay for.  This is never more true than on your wedding day.  Quality does cost.

Identify areas that are important to you –

Every couple we work with has prioritized certain aspects of their wedding day that are more important to them.  For some, its photography, for others it may be a unique location or floral.  Still others may want an incredible wedding cake.  Realize that some areas are going to cost more than what you’ve got in your budget.  You’ll need to cut in other areas to accommodate these priorities.

Hair and Make-up –

Hire professional hair and make-up stylists.  You preferably want someone with experience doing commercial photography.  Why?  Because they understand what is necessary to look good on camera.  A simple tip is that you need more makeup than you may typically wear.  A smooth, even texture to your skin makes for great photos and video.

Choose the right dress and have proper alterations –

Many of the brides we see are in dresses that just don’t fit properly.  You need to be honest with yourself.  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses and problem areas?  Bring people with you dress shopping that have a fashion style and sense.  Don’t get talked into something that isn’t right for you.  This may mean that you may not end up with the dress you thought you’d look great in.  Magazine ads are great at making people think they’ll look fantastic in a certain dress.  The reality may be quite different.  When a bride is in the right dress and it is altered to fit her properly, the results can be stunning.

Consider the entire day –

Simply put, your wedding day should flow together seamlessly.  Think of your wedding day as a movie.  There should be a consistent look and feel.  Everything should be considered.  Where you get ready, your church or ceremony location, your photo locations and your reception venue should all fit together just like a motion picture.  For example – if you have a grand cathedral for your ceremony, you won’t want to get ready in a small home.  Look into booking a hotel suite that looks the part.   Everything from your dress, flowers, accessories, hair, makeup – everything should create a harmonious feel.