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Indian weddings are spectacular events. Whether it is the Mendhi, Pooja, Sangeet, Baraat, Milni, all the traditions of your ceremony or any of the other events that make up your wedding, we are prepared to document each aspect of this once in a lifetime occasion.

First, we love Indian weddings. The people, the culture, the traditions and colors. There is nothing else like them in all the world. Second, our entire company is built on relationships. Many of our couples and their families become life long friends. We have open invitations with many of our past clients when we travel. We love that. It is exactly what our business is all about. Third, experience is the key. There is just too much going on at an Indian wedding to leave anything to chance. We have experience in weddings from many different regions and Hindu traditions of India as well as Sikh weddings. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Fourth, its about offering all of the services necessary to be able to record each event. With teams that can range from just 2 photographers all the way to 4 photographers and 4 videographers, we can cover an event of any size anywhere in the world. We also offer engagement and fashion/black tie sessions anywhere you choose. Many of our couples book engagement sessions or engagement parties in locations around the US that have special meaning to them.

Finally, we are ready to travel anywhere in the United States or abroad. Our Indian wedding services were built from the ground up to be portable. Please contact us today for further information using the contact form on this website. Make sure to let us know that this is an Indian wedding so that we can provide specialized help. Note that each Indian wedding receives a custom quote depending on the number of photographers, videographers, location of the wedding, number of days and length of each event. We’re here to assist you and make this as simple of a process as possible.